Robot Mania

Attended the excellent event organised by Ian and Cath of Bigger Brother at St. John the Baptists School in Brighton.

I travelled down with Martin and Nathan of Anthrax, although their machine wasn't sufficiently recovered from Series 5 to attend. Around 32 teams turned up for a very well organised day of demos and fights.

Video1 - 15 secs - 990 KB
Video2 - 26 secs, high quality - 4.3 MB
Our first fight was against the seeded Smidsy. Fortunately for us, as at all events where there is not a fully enclosed arena, they were not allowed to use their spinner. Martin was on the axe and he managed to get a large number of hits on them, bending a couple of their chassis rails. We also managed to hit the tarmac of the arena/playground quite a bit. Sorry for all the holes!

Video - 1200 KB
Our next fight was against Behemoth. This time Nathan was on the axe, but Behemoth was a rather more difficult target. We managed to get a few hits on them before they rolled us out of the arena with their lifting scoop.

Video - 1100 KB
After the fight, to fill a gap in the schedule, we were asked to demo with Storm. They put several big old tape and hard disc drives in the arena and set us loose on them. More quality testing of the axe. It performed flawlessly. No signs of wear at all on the gear teeth.

Behemoth, Dominator II and Tornado took part in a three way melee for the final, with Tornado coming out the winner and we were voted Best of Show by the crowd.